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I guess my FAVORITE hobby would have to be going to DISNEYLAND and pin trading there. I love pin trading. Ok Ok, I am ADDICTED to pin trading. We have met so many people who have become great friends while pin trading. We love pin trading with kids. We take stickers and birthday presents for them. There is nothing better than looking at child's face (of all ages) just light up from a small piece of metal and to know you helped put it there!!! To be able to help them get that special pin they have been looking for or to start them out pin trading. Every time we go to Disneyland we end up giving pins away, for this reason or that!! It is an awesome feeling to spread joy in this crazy world.

As for what pins I collect...welll...I love collecting Eeyore (with some Pooh and friends thrown in), Trains (mainly the engines, sometimes the whole train). I also collect Pin Trading pins. I have every one of the Paris PTN pins!!! If it shows a character with pins or a lanyard, I love it. I also have a small collection of Brother Bear (Koda mainly) and a few other pins just cause I liked them or they remind me of something that happened or a special time.

Now, I do have other hobbies besides pin collecting...I know I know.... it is hard to believe. I love playing around on the computer with graphics (As you guys probably have already guessed). I have made T-shirts, stickers, labels, business cards... you name it, I probably done it or thought about doing it. LOL

I also love to Cross Stitch. My favorite thing I have ever stitched is a picture of Darlene's Grandparents for her Mother. I was amazed at how it turned out. One day, I will have to post a picture of it.

I think that is all of my hobbies...if I think of more I will add it.

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